Cross Canyon Cowboy Church

    Welcome to Cross Canyon Cowboy Church! I hope this website and our church will be a blessing to you and your family.  You might be a member, someone thinking about making your first visit, or someone whose work requires you to be away from home and church alot (like truck drivers and oilfield workers).  This website will show you how to get here, when to get here,  what might happen when you get here and who you will see when you get here.  But until you get here, you won't be able to experience the love of God demonstrated by down to earth christians.  Cowboys, horseman, people with chickens, goats, ducks, cattle, donkeys, dogs, cats and assorted other animals, country folk and even bikers enjoy the honesty of people who aren't perfect and are willing to admit it even as we strive to be holy.  Since God has called us to a relationship with Him through His Son Jesus, we worship Him, study His Word and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in changing our lives to be more like Him one day at a time.  If you are looking for the perfect church, keeping looking. You won't find it here.  If you are looking for real people who are struggling through life just like you, while they serve the one true and living God, then you just might be at the right place.

Marty Clock, pastor

There are no steeples, no stained glass.  We are just a group of ordinary folks trying to eliminate "man made barriers" and get down to the basics found in God's Word.

Cross Canyon Cowboy Church
Located at
13000 Rendon Road
Rendon , TX. 76028